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New videos and plans

Upcoming new Mini Series:


-The Adventures of Mika and Todd (Silent Series) *Haulted*


New Music Videos:


- "Endlessly She Said" (Song by AFI)

- "Murderers are Getting Prettier Every Day" (Song by Marilyn Manson)

-"Someone in the Dark" (Song by Michael Jackson)

-"Little Susie" (Song By Michael Jackson)

-"As the World Falls Down" Labyrinth Music Video

Existing Series:


- Dark Descendant (Will be re-filmed from episode one)


Short films and Feature Length Films:


- Simply Deadly (Half an Hour) *Will be uploaded to RedRoseProductions11's Youtube*

- Within Time (Short Film) *Will also be uploaded to RedRoseProduction11's Youtube*

- Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Short Film)


What's been done so far:

-DemTube Special One: Bed-Head Dem-Dem

-Butterflies Music Video (A Tribute to Michael Jackson)

-This is Halloween (Fan Video to Marilyn Manson Version of the song)

-Behind The Scenes of the Great Unknown *Random Vexen/Demyx Video


Our Uploading sites:


- www.youtube.com/user/TheProjectCosplay



Our Facebook Page: